Startup MVP Program


The Startup MVP program is a two day workshop designed to supercharge your entrepreneurial skills.
Learn everything you need to launch your own business in two days and hone it over eight weeks with an entrepreneurial community and mentors.


Meet your hosts


Belinda Hamilton

Bradshaw PR

Belinda Hamilton is the director of Bradshaw PR, where she specialises in media relations and crisis management. Before she was putting out corporate fires and gently soothing angry stakeholders she held numerous journalism positions for channel Seven. Probably as some spicy undercover reporter, she hasn’t decided to tell us…yet.
Belinda is LT2’s and Thunder Lizards go to PR girl, and has been responsible for our widespread recognition in online publications and television as an all round cool place to be. Thanks Belinda!


Jason Andrew

Smartbooks Online

With a decade of experience as a corporate advisor accountant, Jason Andrews is your maestro for mergers, acquisitions and evaluations. Corporate matching-making isn’t his only talent though. Jason is also the co-founder of two start-ups;  a business analysis company called ‘Assurety Due Diligence’, and ‘Smartbooks Online’, an online bookkeeping service that we hope will rid the world of long winded appointments at accounting offices


Ryan Tattle


Ryan’s career credits include being chief officer on a luxury yacht (where he got to hang out with P Diddy) and co-founding U-thermic, a coldscreen lotion that protects you from the elements. Ryan managed to successfully launch the company with his brother, Alex, after rigorously crowdfunding through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In 2016 Ryan even launched his own online crowdfunding masterclass which, since inception, has had over 4,000 students enroll.


Alex Muscat


Alex has a strong background in sales and marketing, having created his own gym supplements company in 2011. Starting with just $7,000, Alex brought in $1 million within the first eighteen months of operating, growing it to three stores nationwide before selling the company in 2016. Alex has since founded two more companies (Jymlocker and Citizen Zeus) and freelances as a marketing consultant and photographer. Alex is currently in charge of all the marketing campaigns here at Little Tokyo Two.


Victor Vicario

Vektor Innovation

Other than having a really great super villain name, Victor Vicario is also a whiz when it comes to hardware prototyping. Victor is the director for Vektor Innovation, a company that specialises in assisting hardware startups. His background includes working for the Queensland University of Technology, 3D Space Lab and various law firms. As far as we know, Victor is not enemies with any modern day heroes and does not own any abandoned warehouses.


Jock Fairweather

Little Tokyo Two

Torn between playing sports professionally or designing women’s shoes, Jock Fairweather, aged just 17 and fresh out of high school, decided to pursue the road less travelled. Three years (and a finishing score higher than Jimmy Choo) later, Jock sold his company to a Swiss Luxury Conglomerate, moved back to Brisbane and created Little Tokyo Two.

Having now recently opened LT2’s fourth location in just two years, Jock has managed to kick more goals than Messi, something of which can be attributed to his life motto of ‘Burn the Boats.’


Jordan Duffy

Buckham and Duffy

At the age when most of us were playing hooky from school, Jordan Duffy was already an established businessman, owning a nationwide company at fourteen. Now at the age of twenty-two (and a LinkedIn page that reads like a dissertation) Jordan is the Co-founder and CEO of Buckham and Duffy, a tech based innovation and strategy consultancy. Running successfully for almost five years now, B&D has matured from a two man team to a staff of twenty in countries including Australia, the Philippines and Italy.


Feedback from our previous cohort


Daniel Allen


Daniel Allen

The whole program was really inspirational and has really helped drive us to keep going. Just being around such a great group of people who are shooting for the stars, just really going for it has been great. The follow up has been great- cool people, cool place!
Trisha Rwagaju

Trisha Rwagaju

Trisha Rwagaju

I've loved the Startup MVP program so far. The two day work shop was an intense knowledge blast that helped clarify what's required to get my idea off the ground. I'm excited to see what I'll be able to achieve with the next 8 weeks of support.

Edd Ross


Edd Ross

It’s been great to get different connections and associate with a lot of people. The space is awesome! I’ve been really happy with it so far. The MVP was fantastic.

Sarah Riseley

Sarah Riseley

I'm two weeks into the MVP workshop and am really enjoying the team environment that Little Tokyo Two creates. Everyone I've met has been genuinely interested in my idea and eager to answer all my questions. I think having the two-day intensive workshop at the start of the course is a really great way to focus your attention for the coming 8 weeks.

Who is the program for

 The startup MVP program is perfect for those who are in the ideation phase of their business. This includes both the starting stage of an idea and already existing prototypes that require formulating and restructuring. We won’t bore you with theory and workbooks- this course is hands on, practical and essential in ensuring you won’t make the same mistakes most businesses do.


I don’t know how much my idea is going to cost

Though most people are aware of the high amount of capital needed when starting a business, it can come as a surprise as to how much money is actually involved. We give you access to a broad community of mentors who provide you with the resources and knowledge needed to avoid getting caught up in any nasty, hidden costs. Oh, and an added incentive? Being an LT2 member means you get discounts on tax, accounting and legal services!


Don’t know if your product/service is viable

Does your idea A) Solve a problem? (and/or) B) Provide a better solution than an already existing product/service does? C) Both needed and wanted?

In this stage of our MVP program we run through any potential roadblocks you may face and how you can secure market validation for your product/service. By acting as a ‘devil’s advocate’, our panel of mentors will ask the right questions and provide possible solutions to potential problems.


Not aware of risks

When it comes to starting a business there is an incredible amount of risk involved, which is not always necessarily financial. This program shows you how to identify risks and disaster proof your company (short of experiencing a cyclone, of course.)

Thunder Lizard question mark icon-02

You don’t know what you don’t know

If you’re at the start of your business journey, chances are you’ve not even begun to delve into all the different avenues involved with starting a business. We give you guidance on where to start, how best to invest your money and what pitfalls to avoid.


What will you learn?

Software Prototyping

Learn how to progress from an ideation phase to an agile plan, to an iteration approach. This module will cover:

  • Understanding what the agile process is
  • Ensuring you don’t get into product development too early
  • How to evaluate the functionality of your product
  • Risk assessment and where to best put your money
Hardware Prototyping

Learn what is needed to develop a prototype you can test a market with. This module will cover:

  • Intellectual property strategies
  • The design process of prototyping
  • Considering the variables of manufacturing
  • The benefits of fundraising
Public Relations

Good PR can attract both attention and sales for your company. This module will cover:

  • Can you buy credibility? Ads vs Journalism
  • The modern newsroom: How it all works
  • Press releases and pitch mastery
  • How to build a base profile
Finance and Budgeting

Financial decisions can make and break a company. This module will cover:

  • Where you can cut costs
  • Most common financial mistakes starting businesses make
  • How to budget
  • How to forecast
  • How to manage cash
Customer Experience

A business is nothing without its customers. Learn how you can go above and beyond in providing next level customer service that can drive revenue through word of mouth and referrals.

  • Maintaining a great customer culture
  • How to create long term, evangelical customers
  • Crafting a company vision
  • Being a leader- how to inspire your employees to love what they do
Social Media and Marketing

Not one form of marketing works the same for all products and services. Learn the tricks of the trade on how to best market your product (and which platforms to use)

  • Web advertising versus social media- what works best?
  • How to find and market to your consumers
  • How to generate leads through social media campaigns
  • Tips and tricks on how to get noticed more than your competitors

What does this program get you?


2 day intensive workshop

  • Accelerate your idea or concept to where you literally have everything you need to build a prototype and start selling sooner.

8 weeks access to Brisbane’s best entrepreneurial community.

  • Develop your idea amongst like-minded peers whilst gaining insights and support from highly regarded mentors.

Midway follow up session

  • Are you reaching targets? If not, how can we help?
    • Saturday accountability sessions
    • 1v1 accountability with Jock
    • Meet, interact and obtain knowledge from special guest mentors

To take home

  • Management report template
  • Sales report template
  • Financial frameworks
  • Finance handbook
  • Startup market research
  • Pitch deck
  • Startup analysis content
  • Financial statement template
  • Company principles example

The agenda

Startup MVP Curriculum

Day One

  •  Introduction to the weekend
  •  My life, lessons and mistakes- with Jock Fairweather
    A no holds barred, bullshit free reveal of all the trials and tribulations involved in starting a company.
Reveal more
  • Finding a real problem- what does your idea solve?
    Supply and demand, it’s standard economics. Is your product viable, and if so, can you identify a market for it?
  •  Hustle Hacks
    What it actually takes to make sales and do deals that are required to survive to thrive
  •  Ideation session
    Consolidate problems, identify which are worth solving, create ideas around these problems.
  •  Your company vision. What is your positioning in the market?
    Vision goals and values of your company
  • Building a business model
    Learn how to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business idea
  • Daily wrap up/homework

Day Two

  •  Review of Day one
  • Validation
Reveal more

  •  Validation execution
    Validating your consumers needs
  • Prototyping hardware
    Considerations, IP, prototyping, manufacturing, fundraising, access to markets
  • Prototyping software
    Processes, product development and risk assessment
  • Finance
    Budgeting and forecasting
  •  PR
    Exposure and risk aversion
  • Marketing
    Social media and lead generation
  • Sales
    How to pitch & sell, what types of sales funnels exist and business development and model plans
  •  Finishing lunch


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Startups we’ve supported


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How long is the program?

It is a 2 day intensive program where we give you the tools and resources to develop your business over 8 weeks of membership with LT2.

How long is the membership?

8 weeks, you can then decide if you would like to continue.

What will I get from the membership?

Accountability sessions, mentorship, support from an amazing community and awesome contacts.

Who facilitates the program?

Our founder Jock facilitates the majority of it and then brings in experts from each subject field to help out!

What if I don't have an idea yet?

No problem, the second session on the weekend will help you create a cracker!

What if I already have a company?

Great! Now it’s time to perfect and tweak your product or service

What makes MVP different to other programs?

The program is completely practical, the content is from actual experience and the mentors are the best in the business.

Can I do it digitally?

Unfortunately not yet, we’re working on it.

What if the date doesn't suit me?

We will be running an MVP every 2 months – so let us know and we’ll let you know.

Will you help me start my company?

We give you all of the advice. The starting up part is up to you!

Sometimes I get side tracked…

No problem, we hold weekly accountability and mentoring sessions that you are encouraged to attend.

Do you have other programs for more advanced companies?

Yes we have the MVP2 and MVP3 (coming soon) and also the acceleration programs (www.thunderlizards.com.au)