MentalMusic is the winner
of the Thunder Lizards Brisbane State High School program.
Scalable Startups.
We find and help startups, grow and scale to take over the world.
A Thunder Lizard...
that has the potential to take over the world. A Thunder Lizard takes over its space and then the world.

Thunder Lizards are high risk, high reward and high impact.


Our Supercharged Programs


1. Startup Program


Early stage startups with a potential scalable product or service and a large target market.

7.5% equity*

Research and development, business planning, testing and idea validation, funding and investment.


2. Grow Up Program


A business with proof of concept and ideas around commercialisation.

10-15% equity*

To build an MVP, based on user feedback and thus to acquire customers.


3. Scale Up Program


Organisations with proven market fit and demonstrated user growth or revenue.

20-25% equity*

To scale fast and generate the revenue they need to survive and take over the world.

*Terms and conditions apply.

We have Kick-ass Friends in the Business

Our partnerships with diverse large enterprises is seriously impressive. We collectively search for talent and invest in 4 key industries. If you’re ready to make big moves, make them with our team of investors.


Companies we’ve worked with

Startups we’ve supported


“Thunder Lizards is some

next level sh*t”

What We Do

We find enterprise partners for pre-seed, seed and series A capital for your startup to run through our proven 12-week program. We couple that with a three-month program where your team is co-located in Little Tokyo Two, working alongside our teams.

How We Do It

We focus on specific sectors for our accelerator programs, aligned to the interests of our partners and operating team. This means you get immediate access to top experts when you need it to quickly formulate a strategy around a particular business area and drive execution.

The program has 4 core elements:

  • Direct support from world-class operators
  • A targeted program of events and speakers
  • Integration support with your industry enterprise partner
  • Mentors

Delivery Partners

1. Australia’s leading startup business studio.

2. Australia’s leading innovation and rapid prototyping specialists.

3. The world’s third largest startup accelerator and investment group.

4. The world’s first complete ad-hoc hybrid program.

5. A supportive community of hundreds of vetted startups.

Supercharge Your Startup



Our networks place you at the table with global companies to maximise your exposure.



You’ll have access to an extended team and resources to call on for help and resources.



Four stunning work locations are at your disposal across Brisbane.



Our expert team is here to share our learnings, our proven methods and experience.



Access our amazing iconic investors and their resources.



Our program will guide you to evolve and set milestones to ensure you become investable.



Achieve success with the help of our super supportive and extensive community of over 300 members.


Connect to the future

Work alongside our nation’s most exciting & talented start-ups.


Our Premises

The best startup and co-working spaces in the business.

Petrie Terrace


Spring Hill

The Capital

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